Are you looking for landscape designers in San Rafael, CA? Meeting you, the client, at the property is the start of this entire journey.  This first meeting is vital to get a feel for your needs, wants, and desires to create your perfect outdoor living space.  Walking the property is always the important first step of this process so the designer can get a feel for the space. Hear the ideas the client may have initially, and what they would like to have implemented into their landscape.  This is also vital for getting feedback from the designer, as in all honesty, we are already imaging your space in our heads, and how wonderful the potential design could be. This is an open honest consultation that will give you plenty of ideas and feedback of how your space can be utilized. We give you considerations that you probably hadn’t thought of, or a more practical and creative way things can be done.  At this point its great that all parties sit and run through the ideas and go over the way to proceed forward with the design.  In 95% of the cases, we will be able to give you a quote for the project at that time and even complete a contract for the project.  The cost of this initial consultation is $300.

Stage 1

This is the measuring part of your property.  We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our measuring as this is a vital component to the reality of the installation of your landscaping by the contractor or you the homeowner.  All the contractors we work with are delighted to receive our designs. Not only for the comprehensive design layout that leaves no ambiguity for the bidding process, but because they know we are consistently accurate in the measuring department.  A thorough set of site photos and videos will be taken at this point as well to provide us with visual references of the property as we go through the design process.  They are also great to provide us with the ‘Before’ photos so we can enjoy the dramatic change your property is about to go through!  Of course, our favorite part is to come back at the end of installation to get the ‘After’ photos of your gorgeous, new outdoor living space!

Stage 2

The preliminary design stage is where the fun begins!  We are ready to get to business and show you the initial look at our goods. Now we get to unfurl (literally) the initial look at your new yard.  This is the initial cumulation of all your ideas and ours put to paper (oh… and a digital version of course).  This preliminary concept will include the entirety of your design including all hardscaping (patios, pools, decks, pergolas…. Etc.), planting plan, and lighting schematic.  Although this is a full layout of your design it is just the beginning as we start to evolve it to the final concept.

This phase will include pictures of specific materials and structure concepts so you can truly see our vision a lot clearer.  A lot of people see the concepts immediately in the plan and others need visual examples of what we’re designing… this is especially the case for plants as not too many people know plants as we the designers do!  A plant folder will be provided along with a digital format of the design for you to review the initial planting concepts.  Now remember this is just the preliminary stage and the true starting point for the design.  While going over the design schematic both you, and the designer will be able to make initial tweaks and changes to this initial layout.  Once you see it put to paper the floodgate of ideas opens!  After this first meeting the designer will leave the initial concept with you so you can continue to study it at your leisure.  At the follow up meeting the designer will return with the initial changes discussed at the first meeting.  At this point the preliminary design will continue to evolve as we get it closer to the final concept.  After the initial Preliminary meeting it does usually take another follow up meeting or two to fine tune the design to the final concept.  Now to get it ready for construction!

Stage 3

Now that we have gotten through the preliminary stage it is time to present to you the final version of the plan.  This will usually include 2 full-size to-scale copies (usually 24″x36″) of the plan.  Although conceptual, this final plan will have all the details included for the needs of your chosen contractor to provide you a bid. All measurements, materials (and amounts), full planting chart, lighting schematic (type, location, and counts), will be provided.  An irrigation schematic is not included unless requested by the client, this is generally unneeded by the contractors and can be an unnecessary cost (Usually only needed for new construction or commercial projects to meet MWELO requirements). 

At this point we would prepare the 3D renderings of your project. Which is the best way to see your final design in the flesh… this really clears any questions of how the design will conceptually play out.  And gives all parties (including the contractors) the final concept in the flesh (albeit digitally!).

If you would like to take advantage of our exceptional team of contractors, we would love to submit your plans to them to get the bidding process underway.  We would also be delighted to forward and or print your plans for any contractor that you would like to bid upon your project.

After this finalization of the design there are often things that come up that can include site conditions, budget restrictions, or just a change of heart.  Never fear, you are still allowed another round of modifications to get the plan right for the construction phase. 

Sample Landscape Design

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