Ian was great to work with and did an excellent job creating a thoughtful and detailed landscaping design for our place. He is very knowledgeable of plant species and offering creative solutions.

Andrew W.

I was researching landscape designers/architects for a few months before I was fortunate enough to find Ian Hall.  After reading the Yelp reviews  I spent some time on his website and was truly hooked by his testimonial; it showed me that Ian truly cares about his work and his customers.  I appreciate what got him to where he is now.

He was easy to make contact with and we quickly arranged a meeting at my home.  He spent some time getting to know the canvas (totally non-landscaped, bare and primitive back yard on a 3/4 acre lot) with which he was to work, and he interviewed me to understand what I was looking for.  Ian is VERY sharp, attentive and intelligent and picks up on things fast.  He remembers everything that you discuss with him.

Ian began his work straight away.  He has always been easy to communicate with;  you are never left hanging in the wind with a question or comment.  He has excellent tools and exceptional creativity.  His use of color, creative hardscape design and a myriad of planting options enable him to create an awesome vision for your project.

I highly recommend Ian for any landscape design work and I intend to leverage his knowledge and contacts to make the final design that he provided into reality.

Kent M.

I don’t write Yelp reviews very often, but when I have an exceptional experience, I like to share it so that others may benefit.

We engaged Ian Hall about 2 months ago to create a master plan for our backyard.

Our yard is currently a disaster and very small.  We had a laundry list of desires – waterfall, stream, feet-dipping pools, pergola, fire feature, hardscape, built-in benches, and bocce court. We said we wanted a natural “Sierra Nevada” feel for the water features, but also a contemporary/clean/Japanese vibe for the rest of the yard. It would take someone creative and brilliant to pull that hodge-podge together.

And, in fact, Ian is brilliant. He nailed the atmosphere we wanted to enjoy in our backyard, while creating a fantastic entertainment flow.

His aesthetic instinct is terrific, and even more impressive is his ability to listen very carefully to his clients, grasp their desires, and create precisely what they want. In browsing his website, I had noticed how varied his designs were, which I credited to his being able to reflect client wishes, rather than imposing his own aesthetic.

Ian’s knowledge of plants is very impressive. His selections for our yard are a huge part of creating the peaceful mood we wanted, and he delivered on our wish for low-maintenance landscaping. Our daughter is an ecologist, and she was impressed that his selections reflected our tastes so perfectly, with so little direction from us.

Ian has already iterated our plans several times to accommodate our minor requests and is working with contractor(s) to refine details and address questions. He has been incredibly responsive – even answering questions during his vacations and over the holiday.

We are so excited to see his plans come to life.

Marsha S.

We interviewed several Landscape Designers and after having Ian come out my wife and I agreed that Ian was our designer. We are so glad we picked Hall Landscape Design. From start to finish Ian was on time, professional, and listened to our ideas and wanted our input.

He was happy to tweak and redesign things when we couldn’t make up our minds.  We went through several iterations of our plans, and Ian was always accommodating and innovative.  We are now in the bidding and moving forward phase of our backyard and Ian continues to help us and be available to us.  Ian had some amazing ideas for the hardscape and picked some great plants that we never would have even known about for the softscape.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ian to friends or family.  Ian is a professional and does great work!

Jeff F.

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