Having a large backyard might feel like a gaping wasteland or maybe it just doesn’t reflect your ideal of the perfect backyard oasis, but it’s an asset and an opportunity! For those wondering what to do with a large backyard, we have several large backyard landscaping ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you excited about your little slice of the California dream. Plus, if you have worried about the maintenance, we have great news. There are many beautiful landscaping options that are low-maintenance or zero maintenance.

In this article, we’ll offer several ways you can use your ample outdoor space to its full potential to enhance your property, express your unique style, and address your family’s needs. Let’s get started!

3 Ways to Add Backyard Fun

With so much space, bringing the fun outside is easy. Here are just three ways you can turn your backyard into a center of outdoor recreation.

Pool and spa

There’s nothing like the luxury of having your own pool or spa in your backyard. For families, it’s a terrific way to keep the kids entertained at home and eliminate some of the chauffeuring involved with taking them to play or swim elsewhere. It’s also a fantastic way to help with a daily exercise routine or complement it with hydrotherapy in the spa. Inground pools can also include a built-in spa. In addition to its value when it’s in use, a pool provides a great focal point for barbecues and outdoor entertaining. Imagine moonlight or strung lights reflecting off the water. That’s peace, comfort, and style.

Outdoor Kitchen

Speaking of outdoor entertaining, with an outdoor kitchen, you can take your barbecues to a whole new level, and even cook and serve gourmet meals outdoors night or day. With a covered cooking and dining area, you can move the dinner party outdoors with shade on sizzling summer days and protection on rainy spring nights.

Backyard Sports

While it’s nice to have room for a game of catch or frisbee, what about something more sophisticated that the whole family can enjoy? At Hall Landscape Design, we have enhanced large backyards with putting greens and bocce ball courts surrounded by a good balance of hardscape and low-maintenance plants, shrubs, and trees.

Combining Hardscape and Softscape for Carefree Backyard Beauty

With a harmonious landscape design that uses a variety of low-maintenance elements, you can sit back with your friends or family and enjoy the scenery of your own backyard oasis. You can achieve a perfect balance between hardscape and softscape by combining unique, durable, and carefree hardscape features such as pavers, decks, patios, water features with xeriscape plants, hardy ground covers, shrubs, colorful flowers, and Japanese maples or madrones for a stunning landscape that beckons you outside. Here are three elements to consider for your large backyard, with two examples each:

Firepits for chilly nights

Water features to delight the senses

Dry stream beds give a natural look

Maximize Your Backyard’s Potential with Hall Landscape Design

Large backyards are a treasure chest that you can fill with all the trappings of your best outdoor life. Whether it’s outdoor sports, a relaxing pool with a spa, outdoor entertaining in your new outdoor kitchen or drinks by the fire pit, there are many ways to turn your backyard into your favorite “room” of the house. By adding xeriscapes, river rock, and pollinator-friendly native plants you can create a beautiful, carefree space all your own. At Hall Landscape Design, we’ve been helping residents of Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties and beyond create their vision that lives up to the potential of their expansive wine-country property. Call us today at (707) 227-4931 or request a consultation online to begin making your vision a reality.